Mark Qualls

John Shaw

Tim Kowalewski

Brittany Cardone

Kris Kristynik

Goalie Coach:

Michael McBride

Fall Schedule:

Mondays 6:30-8pm – Southlake Baptist / Old CIS

Thursdays 6:30-8pm – Old Union Elementary

Fall Season: Players should expect two practices per week, a tournament weekend at McKinney’s Turlaxin’ event at the end of October and perhaps an additional handful of games.

Spring Season: Players should expect two practices per week, 8-12 games, 1-3 playday or tournament weekends.

Focus: 2 hands, more game concepts.

Observations: This level is the most important in preparing players for high school.

Program Development Track

–        Pass and pick – roll off pick

–        Give and go with either hand

–        Draw and dump

–        Side arm and overhand shooting

–        Evade defender and re-doge

–        Communicate on D

–        Force attacker to HELP, even if it is inside

–        “forcing to endline in crease defense situation, not ‘up the wings’

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