Governing Principles


Respect – We will respect all SGLA members, players and coaches.  We will respect other players, other fans and referees.  We will respect the game.

Representation – It is the member’s association.  Your voice matters for the governance process.  We will not make decisions for the benefit of a select few.

Equality – We will pursue resources, opportunity and community standing for female lacrosse players that put them on the equal footing they deserve.

Independence – A separate organizational structure removes the potential for conflicts of interest arising from a co-ed program.

Autonomy – Girls program members should control their own destiny.

Transparency – Because SGLA is the members’ program, leadership will do everything reasonably possible to make sure information is made available, either on the web site or upon request.

Resourcefulness – We will fight for resources, access and opportunity for our girls.  As a young program, we make a commitment to providing the best player experience possible as we pursue important program milestones.

Fun – This is what youth sports is all about.

Excellence – We will not constrain the desire to become an excellent player on highly competitive teams, particularly at the high school level.  Ultimately, we expect the pursuit of excellence from all of our players, coaches, leaders and volunteers to make SGLA the best possible association.

Participation – Lacrosse in Texas remains in a unique stage of its development given the opportunity it provides for every girl to play sport starting at any time.  We will promote this truly unique opportunity to all girls in the community.

Development – On the field and off.  As players grow in the program, we increasingly offer resources for personal development beyond lacrosse.  This is only just beginning.

Gratitude – We are thankful for the game, for teammates, coaches and volunteers.  And we are thankful for the brave girls who initially took the risk to start a program for the girls of our community.

©2017 Southlake Girls Lacrosse

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